Why wont Brave save my site settings?

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Only play ONE game on this browser but it will not save any site settings
  2. I play on https://www.governorofpoker.com/ I was using Opera until one of their auto updates fouled it up. Switched to Brave. BUT it will NOT remember my game settings. Every time I log in I have to agree to terms, turn the sound back off, etc etc etc…
    I thought maybe some acceptance of cookies was an issue, I made sure it was set to allow, (I think.)
    Any other settings I need to find and adjust?
    It’s either this gets fixed or I go back to Opera. (Only get one annoying pop up telling me I didn’t quit right. Less annoying than all the stuff I have to reset in the one game I play.)

Expected result:
Hoping someone can just tell me what is blocking it from saving my settings.

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