Why were December payments so low?

I earned more in the first 2 days of this month than I did in the whole of last month. Anyone else have this problem?

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@ThaBuDmaster there’s supposed to be an official announcement soon, but there was a bug in the system. They haven’t said what happened, but I and a few others had shared concerns with Luke Mulks during the weekly Community Call. He then investigated and said they discovered a bug and were resolving it. Since then, we’ve been seeing higher estimated earnings.

I do know he mentioned Chriscat or Steeven should be posting something here on Community. Not sure how much longer before they get those official announcements. I don’t want to say much more than that .

In any case, I do also want to remind you that Rewards earnings can and will always fluctuate. What Brave charges advertisers, how many ads are available, if it’s Brave’s ads, and all sorts of things have big impacts on earnings. I know if you were to look at my whole history, I’ve had some months of just like 1-2 BAT and I’ve earned up to 50 or so BAT in a month. So when I say it fluctuates, that’s not an understatement. Just have to roll with it and Brave usually takes care of us.

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