Using blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies and or peer to peer technologies for achieving WEB 3.0 and the decentralized world is senseless in my opinion as though no technology is bad, still trying to go peer to peer will raise too many other challenges and even if done will be too extreme and more than needed for achieving the WEB 3.0 and the decentralized world,

I personally love the vision of the decentralized world and i think the DeFi and DeSoc and other communities are developing on such technologies at light speed and i absolutely love that,

I am myself surprised how can people find such interesting and creative solutions to problems that exist and i absolutely love that and enjoy every single participation made by the communities in this field and if just this energy is used in the right direction we will end centralization of power in not time,

in my opinion we should focus on making and developing other technologies like personal data stores such as cloud based, automatic data backup and automatic data recovery, cryptographic techniques such as zero-knowledge proofs, full homomorphic computation, secure multi party computation, and end to end encryption,

and using Open source API’s; open source; open patent; and implementing collaboration tools will help in seamless collaboration and interoperability, absolute transparency and the ability to walk away,

Further with privacy focused Decentralized ID (which in my opinion can potentially be through the Vein biometric technology as it is the best biometric as of now, just check any article online about this and you will know it yourself).

Now lets not forget about AI a service called HAT-HUB OF ALL THINGS, have incorporated AI into their personal data store as well, though i don’t really understand their technology or what they are trying to do with their AI ,I think they had said that not all people who take one’s data are bad some have good intentions so they had a mechanism through the AI guess to maintain both privacy and this, regardless i like it.

Smart contracts and tokens can be deployed without peer to peer distributed technologies and I love that,

There is also the concept of FEDIVERSE which I absolutely love and hope succeeds, such federated server technologies will also help and can also use these technologies.

Priyanshu Joshi

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