Why we earn 0.01 bat

i live in europe ( Turkey ) . I used to always get 0.025 bat until now, but now it’s down to 0.001. It is very inadequate and I think users are being mocked. I’m waiting for an explanation about this please

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@GodUlgen why speak falsely? You and some others today are saying this when it’s not true.

why would i lie I’ve been earning 0.001 bat for 2 days

@GodUlgen The false claim is:

I used to always get 0.025 bat until now

As I show in video and in the links I provided, ads have always fluctuated. It’s possible you now are seeing a campaign or two that is the 0.001 BAT. But it’s not the only amount you’re getting. And you likely have received just 0.001 BAT or so for other ads you’ve seen in the past. Since all ads pay different amounts, you’d have to track.

But you see even around 2 years ago, in 2021, people discussed how some ads paid as little as 0.001 BAT.

What I’m irritated on and helping to fight is just the claims being made. If it just was saying that opinion is ads should pay no less than a certain amount, that’s fine. It’s just the “I’ve always received” and “all ads are paying” type of comments that I dislike because that is not true.

Btw, if you are unfamiliar with the website, go look at https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/

It should show you a list of ad campaigns in your area and what they pay. You should notice that the amounts all can be different. Most likely the majority of the ads in your area will pay more too. This is all I’m saying.

I’m trying to say, it may be 0.025 bat as data, I earned 0.001 bat from all the ads I received. I wouldn’t lie to you about that to the community. That I could only earn 0.024 bats in total in 2 days. in the ads I receive, only the ads I see from the new tab screen. I’m showing you this as a screenshot too.


I agree with @GodUlgen . The scenario is exactly the same for me, too @Saoiray


My ads have also decreased. I guess that’s what happened as a matter of policy. but i think they regulate the number of ads and getting rewards

Which one? Did you not watch the video and visit the links I provided? Have you not checked out https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/ to see what ads are in your region and what they pay?

Right now I’ve been seeing a lot of people jumping in out of FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) more than anything. Some of it are trolls who are upset about Rewards changes and so are trying to get people to panic. Others are people who just never paid attention and now see an ad campaign paying less than they realized. Then of course are others who don’t even look, they just see someone say it and they jump in to say “me too” and demand more BAT.

As to ads decreasing, compared to what? Have you checked how many ads are you in your region and how many are targeting your OS? The amount of advertisers change on a regular basis. Sometimes we get a lot and other times not as many. Other factors also play a role, such as our own settings and if we’re flagged.

Yes and no. I kind of touch on this over at PSA: Current FAQ - #22 by Saoiray which also had been shared previously by someone else at Information about the new brave reward system? - #3 by g00z. Not to mention my own little description of things a while back at Understanding Brave Ads Catalog Viewer

There are caps to how many of each ad and ad type we see.

Of course I did watch the video and checked the link you provided. The scenario in here is the amount of earned BAT rewards from sponsored images. You are asking how I say the comparison. The answer is very simple: comparing to our previous earnings. Till now we were earning 0.025BATs from sponsored images, but now we earn 0.001-0.003 BATs for each sponsored images including Brave Software. Since the day we started to earn 0.001BATs from sponsored images, the amount of rewards from other resources shown as sponsored images also give 0.001BATs.

I’ve not been even seeing “Push Notifications” and “Inline Contents” for months. I’ve contacted Brave Software via contact form and asked why, but their response hasn’t solved anything. They just asked to check the notification settings which is already allowed set to show pop-ups and notifications and if I use VPN which I don’t. What do you think it happened? No more help. Now that I’m obeying the rules and facing some issues, I think that somethin(s) may have changed. That’s what we are trying to figure out.

I can’t remember the last time I got a push notification either. Earning 0.025 bat only from new tab ads now 0.001 sometimes 0.003 and now I don’t even see any ads

fix, I got push notification for the first time in a long time after posting this post on the forum :joy:

its true, i noticed it on brave’s own ads.


I can’t understand the data you sent. Can you tell me how many ads we have to see and how many bats we have to earn per day?

because i hardly ever see ads and i earn 0.002 bat

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