Why Turkey region is not supported by brave and uphold?

I am connected brave from Turkey. i am using brave for 4 months , I use Brave often all day long and my total reward is 3.6 bat. but users from european countries get more rewards. why? and today i recieved this warnings says that your region is not supported for brave rewards. I am so so so sorry about this discrimination. please someone fix this issue.

Because more advertisers are paying to show ads in that area. If you want more, then reach out to businesses around you and encourage them to advertise with Brave.

This has been going on for over a month now. Guessing you just now noticed. Please make sure you read everything at PSA: Unsupported Region and I do mean to read everything in that topic. It will provide you with a lot of info.

There’s no discrimination. Until today, nobody in the world was able to link to Uphold. This was down for over 2 weeks. Now it’s limited to only 19 countries. Unfortunately Turkey isn’t on that restricted list. This is a temporary change while Brave is working out some issues with compliance and fraud. Some countries will be brought back in a couple months while others will take longer. Nobody knows where Turkey will fall into things.

“In a couple of months”
Yea, good riddance. If I have to wait Months and months to be able to “maybe” withdraw my virtual code coins, then there is no reason to take any part of it in the first place. Just block fraud accounts. Instead of punishing long time users like myself… This is the dumbest decision one could have taken. But that extra cash by all those unverified wallets will have Mr Brave CEO certainly rub his hands. How can you cut out central european countries. That is literally beyond me.

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