Why tied only to uphold? They have robbed me...and many others

I love Brave.
I love the idea of it, the experience of it…its genuinely the browser i’ve dreamt of. Earning crypto and skipping ad’s? Amazing.
My massive problem with Brave (and its MASSIVE) is its affiliation with Uphold, a company that has stolen Eth off me (yes, 100%).
Why is uphold the only exchange tied to Brave? I want to roll out Brave in my company, but i refuse to, because of Uphold. I refuse to recommend Brave to family and friends…because of Uphold. You look at Uphold reviews on trust pilot and Apple store (for a start), and im not the only one who has been ripped off by Uphold…so why is Brave tied only to such a damaging company? It casts doubt on Braves judgement to me…to be proudly standing next to theives? not a good look for such a great tool.

If people like Uphold, fine…but please offer a choice of exchanges! It restricts Brave massively to be tied to such awful ‘company’

Please Brave, your brilliant…when can other exchanges be compatible? Bittrex, Coinbase, Binance…any others as well PLEASE!


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