Why the rewards cant be transfered in brave wallet

I m from pakistan , using brave browser from last 8 months , now last week i have seen that the rewards can only been trasfered to 2 wallets , and both can not be used from my region , pakistan. Why brave team dont allow the rewatds transfering in brave wallet or some kind of a wallet which can b used from anywhere .

@Zaka77 Please try to search for topics prior to you asking questions. If you did, you’d see this question asked and answered many times. I even have a FAQ pinned globally for all to see that has that question and answer.

I just want to know that is there any option or method through tht i can get my earning in pakistan , because for 0.5$ wort bat token i cant travel to America to get uphold or gemini wallets???

I don’t think so, especially if you hadn’t already been linked to the existing browser long ago. Uphold has restricted to your country and Brave doesn’t have any other partners at this time. In the links I provided, you’ll see one that asks about Binance or other exchange. That would at least answer you in part. All 4 links likely answer anything you’re going to ask or complain about on that, such as why you can’t receive it on other methods and everything.

even if you can travel to america it still wont work because you need to provide ID to uphold that you live in that place

Then plz give me upholds owners whatsapp number so that i can request him to transfer his headoffice in pakistan or india or bangladesh :face_with_thermometer:

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