Why sync settings is a bit annoying?

Why sync options in brave browser is really challenging?
I mean, I have few devices (iOs, Android, Mac & Windows Desktop), I really need sync features. Every time I wanna sync, there is no options to scan the QR Code or insert the code manually. On any device, only offered the QR Code and the code, there is no options to scan or input code manually. I really need help if anyone know about how to solve this. Thanks!

@dodoy69 It exists and is there. I have synced my Android, Windows, and iPhone now with no issues. They all have QR Code or Code Words to enter. Take a peek at this other post to see the instructions given as well as the screenshots. Then please respond here if you still can’t figure it out. Please note that you can’t have the device on as an existing Sync Chain if you’re attempting to add it to another device’s sync. If it’s already on a chain, you won’t have the options to scan or input because it’s already on one, even though it may not be on the chain you want it to be. If that’s your issue, then on one of the devices you need to remove it from the chain, then go back and choose Add To Existing and put in the code or scan the QR provided on the other device.

check out No "scan sync code" button on my androids

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