Why Sync is set to "Customize Sync" by defaults

When you make a new sync chain, it will NOT START Syncing anything by default, until you change the “sync settings” to “sync everything” or somethings.

What’s the point if it doesn’t backup immediately?!

It should be “Sync Everything” by default or make an option to chose what to sync before make the sync chain code.

I did reinstall the browser thinking that I have everything synced with the chain code I have, but nope, it was all blank. (luckily I have backup 4 my drive recently, so it’s all good).

It is not our business to decide what users do or do not want to Sync. What if, for example, we decided to “sync everything” and you had sensitive data that you wanted contained/to remain on one device?

In short, we don’t want to assume that users want to Sync all their data from the start.

That might be a good reason to not Sync everything by default, but it’s not as the good will come from Sync everything by default.

If/when anyone have or want to enter sensitive data, they should better know to not use the sync at all or use Private mood (that’s what I would do).

Plus when You make a new chain and copy the chain code and click “ok” you will be sent back to “brave://settings/braveSync” page, where you would assume that everything is setup and ready to go.

-And at least there should be a popup message or anything that inform you when you use the sync for the first time to chose what to sync in order for the syncing to actually begins.