Why such download problem happened

when I want to download at http://www.rmdown.com/link.php?hash=202ab295c30642a3c573b7e2b2b474728f4a3fd7b0b
when I click the download, it doesnt download but turns into http://www.rmdown.com/download.php?reff=10b675e&ref=202ab295c30642a3c573b7e2b2b474728f4a3fd7b0b

how to solve this problem,thanks

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Hello;what do you want to download?

On my end, when I go to the first link, the page appears blank. However, refreshing the page displays the download link:

When I click on the link, I’m prompted to download the file (I didn’t because I’m not sure what the file is). If I click on the second link you sent, it sends me to a page with an Illegal request error, and instructs me to refresh [link] and try again.

I simply clicked on that link and let the page reload and was able to download the file again. Can you try the same steps I used and see if you’re able to download the file?

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What did they said when you report the matter?

yes, first time, you can download it ,but if you want to download the similiar one, it can not download and turns into http://www.rmdown.com/download.php?
it is what happened here

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no report when it happened

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first of all, we click the download of this link http://www.rmdown.com/link.php?hash=202312e257521f21ef2498047d0cb85fd60eedefd55 I think you can download normally, but then you try to click the download of http://www.rmdown.com/link.php?hash=2024bef64d7ee7e170e9a7435af0f48b0aab1ea055c, it will not download anything and it turns into http://www.rmdown.com/download.php?reff=10b675e&ref=202ab295c30642a3c573b7e2b2b474728f4a3fd7b0b

why such problem happened,thanks

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