Why so many issues?

Why so many issues with Brave, after I find that Brave is an http referer. (Contrary to GitHub documentation, currently researching why this may be). I searched and many people have many of the same issues using Brave. Was Brave not yet ready to be released? Just put it out there and figure it out later? No app is perfect, I understand that, but to have so many issues, and flat out lie to consumers, is astounding. Thanks, Why.

Edit: Rather then switch browsers, (yet), I’m using my GitHub account to contribute and add issues to the long list. This should be exciting. After reviewing the issues containing “http referer”, I find that this issue has not been completely eradicated. After being told by the communities support manager that referer info is faked, I’ve found nothing on GitHub to back up this information, and have documentation to prove otherwise. Refer to post, “why is brave a Http referer” for more. Maybe on desktop version, but I have yet to find for mobile. I’d still like an explanation to why Brave has been released with so many errors. But, I should get all the info I need from GitHub, I hope.

I just want to share my opinion regarding your complaints about Brave having lots of Issue. In my point of view, Brave and Brave community is doing very well for a browser that started just a few years ago with a concept of blockchain advertising.

What Brave is undergoing right now is somewhat similar to Mozilla Firefox before when it was introduced. The time where Internet Explorer was the dominant web browser that time. Let’s say during that time all of the people who browse the internet use IE, let say for example about 100 million users… then FIrefox came along, a free open source browser and took about 30% to 40% of the 100 million users. Do you even know how many issues Firefox has been having during those times? As the number of users increases, the number of bugs and other issues will be discovered because each user has a different way/habit of browsing. That’s when a community like this could be very helpful in the development.

I’m telling you this right now, as time pass, the number of users of Brave Browser will increase and discoveries of bugs and other issues will be as well. Brave Browser is not just ‘a browser’ where people just use it to browse the internet like the other popular browsers. So unlike Firefox before where people experience problems regarding ‘only’ about their browsing experience, those who use Brave Browser along with its reward system will also experience issues on that part of Brave as well.

Understood, and I agree. I’m curious as to the development of Brave. The more I research, the more I find that Brave may have been in a hurry to release. Many bugs, constant issues, no availability of plugins or add-ons, just the base code. I don’t see many of the big issues being corrected in updates either. I’m not part of the team, or have any say as to what should happen whatsoever. This is just my opinion. I’m not bashing Brave or the developers, I can code, but their skills are more advanced than I am at the moment. I simply want to know why more effort was not put forth for the mobile application of Brave. I’m on GitHub right now researching further. Maybe I’ll stumble upon something I can contribute towards. I’m also curious as to the true security of Brave, the more I research, the more I find things may not be complete. I applaud them on the blocks put in place. Many I have yet to find concrete issues with. But this only intrigues me more. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. Again, no ill will meant.

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That’s how a community grows; when one tries to help and contribute. Okay how about you try to think of it this way… Instead of thinking that Brave didn’t put a lot of effort, think of it as they were overwhelmed by the progress despite the huge effort of the team?

To tell you the truth, I haven’t been this active in this type of community in almost 20 years, I think. Since the time of Netscape Navigator, SeaMonkey and Firefox ( early years ). I just learned how to code that time… fell out of love of coding after a few years and now this makes me want to code again like I used to. lol.

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