Why one user chooses BRAVE over UNGOOGLED CHROME

I thought this was interesting. Maybe there should be an Interesting Tech Gossip category here. https://www.ghacks.net/2020/03/23/chromiums-show-url-is-the-most-useless-thing-i-have-ever-seen-in-a-browser/


There are other reasons why I use Brave over Ungoogled Chromium apart from Ungoogled Chromium’s usability deficiencies. For one, I don’t know for sure whether Ungoogled Chromium’s adblocking capabilities can be saved once Manifest V3 becomes mandatory, with Brave I know that the internal native adblocker will continue to work, as it does not rely on extension APIs. Brave does also have privacy enhancements exceeding those of Ungoogled Chromium, here is one example:

Furthermore, Brave includes the Ungoogled Chromium patch sets already (list is outdated, their support for the patches is now complete afaik):

Ungoogled Chromium is a more “neutral” choice for most people, especially for those opposed to Brave’s private advertising model even though it is completely opt-in. But there is no incentive for me to use Ungoogled Chromium over Brave really, quite the contrary actually. UC is undisputedly great for privacy, but so is Brave + Brave has other benefits.

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Precisely why I use it.

For me, not having “auto update” is not a downside. AAMOF, I’ve disabled the two Brave Services and two Brave Tasks on my Win10 laptop. But that’s [almost] a moot point. cause I rarely use Win10.

On my Linux boxes (desktops and laptops), Brave can’t auto update, so no worries there (using zypper for updates). On my Android phone, auto update is off for all apps - I prefer to review updates.

I’ve not used UC, but isn’t there a Menu -> About -> “check for updates” option like Chrome and Brave have? I can’t imagine one has to manually download the update.