Why not a Menu Bar?


I do hope they take notice. Seems it’s certainly not just me who’s bothered about this.

I understand it’s running on Chrome and that’s what Chrome does, but people want Brave to essentially BE it’s own browser (interface wise). If all it’s going to be is a Chrome clone, people would just use Chrome.

Give us a setting, then everyone’s happy.

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I dislike hamburgers, and much prefer to browse a full service menu. :wink:

PLEASE bring back the optional Menu bar.
Meanwhile, I’ll keep using Firefox (with Menu bar enabled and uBlock Origin installed).



I created an account specifically so I could reply/add my response. I dislike the new ChromeBrave. If I wanted a chrome layout I’d use Chrome. I like the menubar at the top (like EVERY other desktop application I’ve used for 2+ decades), the addressbar below that, and tabs below that. Rearrangeable for people who like to swap their tabs and addressbar around, but I prefer mine in that order.

On top of that, I noticed the settings menu feels significantly less customizable. I have something like 5 browsers I’ve been playing around with, and so far I like the sheer amount of customization of Vivaldi. I’ll probably swap to something like that once Brave Muon gets killed.

The little menu widget is fine for phones with small screens, but desktop programs shouldn’t be penalized too.