Why no wallet sync on multiple devices?

I currently use Brave Browser on 3 different devices (a Debian laptop, a Windows desktop and an Android smartphone).

Each time I installed it I had to configure it, but i can sync only the browser settings, passwords and such things but not the important thing the Brave Reward. As I installed 3 instances of Brave now I have 3 different Brave Reward wallets. Is it possible to gather them into one unique wallet ?

Is this feature under consideration?
If yes, when can we except it to rollout.
If no, what is the reason?

This is a project on Brave GitHub. You can follow the progress there.

No, each device will have its own wallet. If you verify your wallets you can link them all to one custodial account (Uphold or Gemini only at this time) and all your BAT will be available in the one account.

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