Why no BAT after I see ads

I have already wasted my time seeing about 5+ ads. Somehow you sho I have 0 BAT earned. Why?

So, specifically, how, EXACTLY DO I EARN BATS?

And did This get sent? This needs easier instructions and ibformation up front

Have you checked the sites FAQs to check on some things, most importantly are you in a supported region? Are the ads showing under your estimated earnings for the month located on your browsers home page?

I already uninstalled brave app.

I tried to find out how the bat thing worked but there is no specific instructions there, so I wasted my time seeing ads for nothing.

Captain Leo

I’ll just not waste my time with brave anymore. Duck is easy. they don’t dangle a false carrot in front of me to get me to look at ads, but theydo the job I want without hidden secret obstacles and hoops I need to jump through.

Thanks anyway but I disliked brave before, tried it again, and dislike it even more now.

Captain Leo

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