Why my verified you tub channel now showing not yet verified?

my you tub channel is verified few month back and people and fans can send me tips but today i see my channel is showing not yet verified why is that and how to to verified again? please let me know thanks.

Did you try to use the refresh option?
Look, before.

Look, after.

yes i have tryied couppel of time but it dos’t work

i have tried few time refresh states but not verified message shows yet could you please solve this matter thank you

This channel is verified for me.


Btw. I thought only one YT channel can be verified. So as one Twitter, Twitch aso.

if onley one youtub channel is allowed to verified then i want dogood be good one thank you.

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Yes do this in the uphold dashboard. Tell me when done, i’ll tip you a bat to test it out.
Btw do you have more then one uphold accounts?
I am asking because when i try to add a channel and i click on youtube it closes the window. All others, e. g. website, twitter a.s.o. work fine while i didn’t choose them before

no i have only one uphold account.

You have go to your profile, then > Channel.
Then check it’s verified or not.
Thank me later…:blush: @bigsunj

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Can you please tell me difference between Brave Verified Creator & Brave Verified Publisher ?
I saw people getting 2 different things. @Rotblut

Maybe this will give you an idea. Google helps. :wink:

No man this ain’t helping, I was asking you because even my friend has added his YouTube channel, for him it shows Brave Verified Creator, but for me Brave Verified Publisher.
So this is the confusion.
:pensive: @Rotblut

I would say a publisher has his own platform with his own contents
I give you an example. :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

The rest are people like us, using their platforms e.g. YT, Twitch etc. :thinking:

Okay, now I got actually how it’s like that. On PC it’s showing Creator, on mobile Publisher.
Brave is little naughty these days…:joy:

We’re not naughty – the terms are strictly aesthetic/branding. A Brave Publisher and a Brave Creator are the exact same thing.

If your channel is still showing unverified it may just be improperly cached information. On my end, your channel appears verified.

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Haha, don’t take seriously man, nice to see a reply & to know that both are same things.
Can you tell me, if I have 2 ref links (2 channels) (received through email), both will work & show stats if I refer to a friend ? @Mattches

As @cory told you in a previous post, please use the new referral link you received moving forward. As far as I can tell the old one will no longer count – you may want to ask @cory in the thread previously mentioned.

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Okay, thanks for the info ! :blush: