Why my REWARDS SUMMARY FEBRUARY 2020 No activities yet… showing?

i am brave browser user from last about 1 year… and i have earned more than 448+ bat in ads earning and others 103+ bat in another section…

but suddenly my ads viewing earning all bat not showing in REWARDS SUMMARY PANEL…



No activities yet…

currently 5 bat minus from 103 bat … and it is all ok it is Auto-Contribute and it is not my problem… …
my problem is why my ads viewing earn not showing in REWARDS SUMMARY?

bellow my previous screenshot:
previous balance

and current screeshot:
current issue

please tell me about this issue

Hi @alaminizaan - it can take up to 48hrs for the panel to update. Did you receive your January 8 settlement?

@steeven i don’t know about january 8 settlement… may be not… please confirm me is it take 48 hours? or more? and if not then what can do?

hello can anyone help me for this issue?

Do it show that your payment has been processed?

CC @Aa-ron for follow up just in case.

no there are nothing … just bat coin dismissed … 448 coin gone fore ever… but i don’t know why bat support team not even helping me… i am a bit angry for then shit support team…
i have recover key i restored it but no coin found … and i have not yet verify uphold so there are no chance to withdraw the coin yet … so i was waiting for 1000 coin then i will verify and withdraw the coin in uphold but not i have 448 coin and all gone… so it is not any my mistake it’s all happen their browser bug or anything else… so bat support team should support me and back my coin but no team support me … i have mail them and just and reply i got it is they just said get help from community … so i think bat support is nothing … why i will invest in bat because they can’t help me in this issue yet… even they are not reply me as well as… so i have nothing to say about this shit support…

Hey @alaminizaan, sorry that you had some issues! We are experiencing a few large issues with Rewards – were you able to reclaim your BAT? (I saw your last post was 9 days ago and we put some fixes out since then).

see now only 2.5 coin in ads earning and all gone. not back yet. even brave team did not do anything for me.
no i can’t reclaim my 448 coin… it all gone… i didn’t understood why brave support team is so unprofessional ? they should give me back all my coin but still not they back me … even no reply from them and all are so boring … i don’t need any brave coin . now it over from me… if brave can back my all coin then i can work on brave or never.

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