Why my pay has not arrived? today is 8 of november


I didn’t even get a third of what it said. =(


I have the same problem “Unavailable BAT”


Hello, @Asad , @eljuno what information can you give to us about the delay in payments? Did you finish the payments to all the publishers that were left behind?

It’s just to know because I have not received anything at this point.

Thank you


Basically our ledger code has some bugs in it that we’re trying to sort out.

In order to keep things consistent within the system, some publishers will be getting paid out / their balances updated in a delayed batch. This is probably also the same reason for the “Unavailable” on the publishers BAT balance.

You should get paid out on or before the next payout date indicated on your dashboard. Really sorry for the inconvenience, everyone :frowning:


Ok, Thanks for the info

Let´s wait then


I am still owed from November 8th payout never arrived.
BAT was then about 0.39 USD
I have over 1,000 BAT owed to me
Is there a help link i can use?


I have the same problem, I didn’t get paid last month because there was a problem in the payout system and now the next payout date has changed again to January 8 and the payout never arrived

@Asad can you help us with this?

Thank you


For me is 9th and no payout to uphold account


I am pleased to say - i have just been paid in full!


Me also i got my bat from 3 times tonight in the interval of 10 min thanks brave


ok, i have 300 BAT pending payout, why i only receive 3 payments on my uphold ?

1: 12 BAT
2: 9.4 BAT
3: 22.20 BAT

why you don’t send the correct amout in one transaction ?


Nice! I have not received anything yet


Hello @Asad @eljuno , I have not received the payment for the month of November yet, I assumed it would arrive this month but still nothing, are there still problems with the payments?


@Asad @eljuno

i have not received the correct payment since the 8 of november. my pending is 300 and i receive only 40


I will check and see what’s going on. It’s possible the rest of the payments will roll through today.


Thank you @Asad

I hope you can solve this!


In brave reward page, i always have the same amount (the amount sent to uphold is not deducted).
And i have only receive 3 payments on my uphold (on 9 december).
less than the amount in pending.

@Asad @eljuno
OK, I still have not received anything today…

I took a lot of time to convince my friends and customers to use brave and donate to my shop.
And in the end, I have 500 BAT in pending payout since December 8, and I received only 40 BAT on uphold.
I love Brave, but we must wait until the 8th of the month to be paid, and in the end we are not paid completely. :confused:

EDIT 2 :
decemb. 13, almost 1 week since payout 8 and i still have nothing… and no answer…


What’s likely happened is that your referrals came in too late in order to get rolled into this month’s payout. Everything should come through next month :slight_smile:

In general, with payout delays, this tends to be the case.


even if my amount was credited 3-4 days before the 8th?

and why my pending payout not decrease with the amount i have received on Uphold ?

thanks for the answers.


ESPECIALLY if your wallet was credited then. There is an account freeze on the 1st of the month – this is done so balances don’t change as the payout process occurs. When BAT posts to your account between the 1st and your payout date, that BAT will usually be rolled over to next month’s payout.