Why my confirmed referral is zero?


I am a youtube pulisher on Brave . I have recommended my followers to download Brave browser and till now 12 people have downloaded the browser . But i can not understand the difference between DOWNLOADED AND CONFIRMED ?
My " confirmed " tab is showing zero .


Hi Rudrax,

I can’t say for sure, but considering the footnote of the Free Token offer,

This referral promo is capped at $1 million in tokens. A qualified referral is a user who downloads the Brave browser using the promo link specific to your channel or web site and uses the browser (minimally) over a 30 day period.

It will only be confirmed once the user reaches the 30 day period.

I hope I was able to help you.


Hi @Rudrax,

To make it more clear:

  • Downloaded mean new user/s download + install Brave using your referral link.
  • While Confirmed is a verified referral after 30 days of use of Brave. If not yet 30 days, it’ll not counted as Confirmed. Brave will pay you $5 in BAT for every Confirmed referral.

Thank you,


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