Why my brave reward is not transfer to my uphold account in a date?

My April 5 brave reward is not transferred to my uphold account,?

There was a small set of Ads earners who didn’t get paid; we went ahead and processed a secondary payout for these users so please check again! Keep in mind as well that your Uphold account must be fully verified and KYC’d first.

i have not been paid till now for month for last month how much time do i have to wait for payments to be processed in uphold wallet ADMIN My wallet is fully verified and kyc has been done.

I already got three-time payment from brave rewards to my uphold account but this time?

hello, i have the same problem. can you inform me when is it solved ?

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i got 3 times payment from this reward system. my uphold account is fully verified.

they solved my problem how about your?

My accounts all went to JUNE 6th im trying to promote to people and had 3 to show the payout today then NOTHING its not good advertising i poisted a thread of options check it out Why is brave network so slow

Hey man can you advise if we connect uphold , Verified and KYC how come the blockchain does not process it instantly ?

All my brave reward is not transferred to my uphold account !?

Still waiting for a solution. No progress, no transfer to uphold portfolio. Moreover, reduction of pending BATs from advertising and nothing credited on the Brave browser.

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