Why my bats are gone?

I had approximately 3,100 bats and yesterday a button appeared for me to claim. When I did that, 2,500 bats went to the wallet but then they disappeared. They are neither on the uphold nor on the crypto wallet. I wanted an explanation for that.


Sounds like you had activated an automatic contribution.
You should have a look here and disable if you don’t want it for the next months.
Hope it’s help

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LOL, it can’t be. How could I not have thought of that before? How sad, man.

Did you check this in your settings before replying?
BTW, I try to help you, no need to be ironical :wink:

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I’m not being, really. I’m sorry. I am using the google translator and that is how it is spoken in American series…

Are you trying to explain me that Google Translator adds “LOL” ?

Good luck with your BAT…

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“LOL” I added myself.

Thank you, I already deactivated for that month.

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