Why my account suspended?

i have 200+ bat in publisher account but its suspended why… i don’t do any spam. my subscriber give me tip. plz check my account again. may be its ur system fault

They have done same to me…they will never recover your account. Just forget what happened

They will have suspended you because you have done something prohibited.

Have you self-donated BAT to yourself from other accounts?

no. my subscriber Tip to my channel

:pensive::pensive: its not my fault.

Regarding account suspension, the best way to reach out is via email to suspensions@brave.com @oryhn. We don’t handle account suspension here.


This one > “unrelated to suspensions”? Because it’s regarding account suspension, then it’s the correct email address. :slight_smile:

If you already sent an email and your answers for questions asked in the email, the next thing you can do is to wait @oryhn.

The team will get back to you after your account be reviewed.

still nothing happened…

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