Why it is still showing pending payout?

Secondary payouts are indeed done now – if you didn’t get paid yet then you probably didn’t complete verification by June 1st (this is the most common reason)

Hi Asad :slightly_smiling_face:
First I wish to say how much I like Brave and how I appreciate the fastest response I always got.
Said this I would like to point the attention on what you wrote…
So, if “Payouts are an incredibly complex and labor-intensive process” and “We do an extensive anti-fraud review …” it sounds like… .BRAVE project in on the deadline because “we” can not face all those problems AND “we” don’t have any clue or the instruments on how solve or face them all…

Or there something I misunderstood about ?

Best regards and I hope that the whole Brave team will soon reach the solution of all the problems that have not yet allowed that Brave rewards to be available for anyone in the world

Hi there, I am not really sure what you mean to be honest! Can you explain more?

In regards to payouts, we can certainly “face” these problems – but it takes time. Brave Rewards is an alpha product – we cannot output at the same level as a mature dApp, and we’re a small team, too.

I mean nothing more of what all can read.
What should I argue better? Which part? Simplifing …The assertion that You have to face this “incredibly complex and labor-intensive process” that seems You don’t know how to solve or face it? Or that You don’t have the instuments to face anti-fraud?
Or the last part of my post where I wish that You can soon allow all in the world to benefit Brave Rewards?

(You = Brave Team)

Thanks for that! We are certainly well-equipped and working hard on all of these areas – but we’re still a small team and are growing rapidly! Remember that Rewards is still very much an unfinished product and that delays and complications are part of the territory. :slight_smile: Sorry for the inconvenience!

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