Why Is Zebpay taking So Long To Process Payments

Why is it taking So Long to process payments with Zebpay is the list so long or some technical challenges, every other custodian has been processed within 1-2 days. Why??

Because other custodial partners have been partners for years now and they had time to fine tune everything. Whereas ZebPay was just pushed through and there’s a lot to get resolved.

What you’re experiencing isn’t anything new. If you were around back when Brave first started with integrations to Uphold and/or Gemini, you’d see it would take a long time for those payments to arrive. Often payments wouldn’t complete for 3-4+ weeks.

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Got it, Hopefully things get fixed ASAP!!

Likely will be a while. As they have announced, Creators won’t even be able to add ZebPay until after first part of 2024.

Hey saoiray now since as i can see payments has been processed for zebpay as well but still i didn’t got my tokens, it was accumulated from last 2 years, didn’t received any, are there even chances of getting that or it’s just lost, any idea??

You’ll need to submit your issue here and we can take a look. Thanks!

I have already submitted to support centre, but not got any update over email its been already 2-3 days

Hey @Saoiray can you please look into the matter it’s been already 4-5 days since o have raised a support ticket. Ticket number 233969 has not been addressed yet

@Surajanand I know @Evan123 Evan and the others are going through tickets, generally in the order received. Keep in mind that it’s common for it to take at least 3-5 business days before they get to tickets and can be a few more days to investigate and respond. You are writing right now during the weekend, which is a time that they aren’t usually working.

If you haven’t already, make sure you’re checking your mail (including junk/spam folders) in case they replied to you asking for more information. Otherwise I assume you’ll hear back by Wednesday. (If not, then might need to wait until the following week as Thursday is Thanksgiving)

Got It l, Hopefully i get a reply before ending of next week, Thanks For Answering

Hello! You received a response last Wednesday. Thanks!

Is this what i am supposed to get seems like a auto generated reply which is sent to everyone who complaints regarding brave rewards

@Evan123 man give me clarity about where is the reward stucked i am not interested in replies, just need clarity whether i will get my rewards that was accumulated from last two years or not. it should be yes or no, if no Then Why what’s the reason behind it, nothing else i need to know

It’s not an auto generated reply. Obviously with each person responding to hundreds or thousands of people a day, they will copy/paste a lot of the same responses. But they do take their time and manually go over things.

The answer is no. According to what they are telling you, they believe you earned you violated Terms.

Policy for Brave and many places is not to go into specifics. Long and short of it is they have come to the conclusion that you did not fairly and honestly earn all of your BAT.

Pretty much all you’ll have happen in tagging Evan is he might take another quick glimpse into it to make sure no mistake was made in judgment. Most likely, the response you’ll have will be like below:

Okay Thanks @Saoiray and @Evan123 for looking into it i dont know why Evan tagged @Danrok in this conversation and Coming to terms violation part, I personally have not ever tried to maximize brave earnings and not ever browsed the brave without purpose of searching anything, i never read news. So I don’t know how my profile was flagged but okay i respect your decision and might have done something that definitely violates brave policies, Thanks For Your Time guys.

One last question would be if my profile is flgged am i supposed to get some kind of message or popup at brave://rewards i have attached the screenshot and is unable to see any kind of warning at this page. Thank you

He didn’t. I told you that you’ll likely get a reply like that, then I quoted him from another topic. My quoting him wouldn’t have tagged Danrok, but you now have tagged them over here.

No, you don’t get a notice there. The only notice you get when your account is flagged is if you try to connect to a custodial partner. So like right now it shows you logged out of ZebPay. If you attempt to login, it should say you’re flagged and therefore not allow you to connect.

Oh sorry for tagging danrock I’m new to community and don’t understand the UI well, and coming to custodial part @Saoiray as you said that connecting with custodial will show me a popup about flgged profile as I’m flagged but still I’m able to connect and login to my custodial as you can see in Screenshot and i have connected it many of times it logins seamlessly and shows nothing like that

@Evan123 awaiting your response on this

Yes, hopefully @Evan123 and @steeven can help answer on this. (keep in mind, today is Thanksgiving, so pretty sure none should be working today)

The system has never let people connect while flagged. In fact, this attempting to connect to a custodial partner (which only is able to be done like once every few months) was the only time people were able to figure out if they were flagged, aside from when they submitted tickets to discover where lost payments were.

If they are allowing people to connect to custodial accounts and it shows as if they have estimated earnings, with no notice at all they are flagged, then this would be highly deceptive and wrong of Brave.

Thanks @Saoiray for understanding that it’s something that’s definitely wrong from brave side but i beleive they are very rigid because on email i raised the query again after receiving a reply which seemed like automated and in the latter ticket as well they mentioned the same thing that my profile is flagged, should i even respond with something or leave it,

Anyone get any update in this regard!