Why is your VPN ONLY for toxic cell phones

and not also for the browser on a REAL COMPUTER?

@OurFreeSociety what are you talking about?

VPN is on Desktop. It’s available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Or you just referencing the idea of what it’s not yet available for Linux?

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No, I went to look where it was & couldn’t find it, so I did a search online & it only talked about it being on the phone, nothing about the desktop.

I see it now. I’ll have to try it later. Thank you

So it will only use the VPN on my brave, not on the rest of my computer, correct?

And I can find/use a US server?

Thanks again

When you use VPN, it does for your entire device. You activate it through Brave though.


No I only want it for my browser, there’s no setting for that? :frowning:

Otherwise it screws up my Thunderbird & gmail thinks someone is trying to hack in & I have to log into TONS of gmail webmail accounts which takes over 30 mins…

It’s a HUGE problem.