Why is Uphold required to claim BAT?

Why is Uphold required to claim BAT?

Not required. You can claim your BAT earning without Uphold. You’ll be asked to solve the captcha and your BAT will be deposited to your brave:rewards wallet.

Uphold is only required if you want to withdrawal the BAT from the system. Which is requiring you to do KYC.

I meant, claiming BAT and removing it from “the system”. I thought it was obvious. What good is claiming something if it is still inside of the system? I would like to exchange BAT for a different ERC20 Token. So why is Uphold required for that?

This one @aaarrrron :point_up:
And Uphold is the only option for now. Other method may be added in the future.

so brave get paid for everyone clicking on adverts must be in the millions and then make it so you can not withdraw your BAT rewards (they say uphold wallet. uphold closed my account after sending all the correct doucuments to verify my self and would not tell me why? so all the brave rewards i have means nothing total waste of my time. but brave got paid for all the adverts i clicked on. brave just rob people and make money other wise they would just let you claim to your own wallet not just uphold crap) this is the biggest con ive seen

This is an issue between you and Uphold. Brave has nothing to do with this. It’s not like Brave is robbing you. Brave says that you still have those BAT’s in your wallet. And currently only Uphold have agreement with Brave for take-out functionality. You can perhaps take it out in the future if Brave agrees with another third party. But you can’t expect Brave to create their own Cryptocoin trade ecosystem just because your KYC disapproved.
For short term solution, find a friend that have Uphold account. Take your BATs to there.

So, i’ve Uphold account but now i want to receive Bat in my Brave wallet.
What is the procedure please ?

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