Why is there a claim button?

why is there a claim button? So you can keep the rewards from people that forget or can’t claim them. I install and reinstall my and other OS’s all the time, I did it close to the end of march, I earned 3bat that month but uninstalled my OS before the end of the month so I would 've lost all my earnings because of this “Feature”.
My suggestion: remove the claim button, it’s pointless. on second thought is’t not, it is harmfull for the users. (edit, another use is that the BAT is not lost/stuck in an account that isn’t used.)
If thats not possible, which it is, make an autoclaim option

This button is used to earn Brave.
Imagine the situation that there is no button and earnings are automatically transferred to the account. Consequently, brave has already made a pre-payment, although the internal wallet. And if there is a button, the repayment period is only 3 months. You have seen ads for 28 days and removed the browser, in fact the button should have appeared and earned you (for example $ 10), but since the button is valid for 3 months, then these $ 10 written off from your account.
But here is the most important thing. Where does this money go? And the answer is obvious, they get to the account Brave, as advertising is viewed, with the advertiser’s money written off, the recipient of the third is not.
So they will never remove the button. This is their direct income.

“Imagine the situation that there is no button and earnings are automatically transferred to the account.” I don’t 've to imagine it. The button is new, no? I never used it and always got my BAT, it’s the first time I saw it.

the button appears when the custodial wallet Uphold or gemini is not tied

oo didn’t know that but strange mine are tied and I still get the button

So you need to disconnect and reconnect the wallet.
Apparently there was some kind of error.

ok, good to know, thanks

Claim button is irrelevant. If you uninstalled Brave before the withdrawal day you will get nothing, simple. Button or not there is a specific time for the transaction, you will never have every single ad paid directly.

A claim button appear on my android brave browser for the april rewards but i can’'t claim it because it fail every time. It’s normal behavior?

I recieved my BAT after uninstall, my wallet is tied to uphold though

no, I don’t think so

What you suggest should i do? keep waiting (i still have 90 days apparently)?
For the records, i have a Gemini verified account linked to my Brave android browser.

no, if you haven’t allready, the basics, logging out/in, reinstall gemini then contact support I guess.

Ok i have resolved the problem. I’ve done some research and apparently if you have the “Developer Mode” active on you phone you no longer have a SafetyNet positive check and so the claim button doesn’t work.

Just disable Developer Mode, reboot and this should do the thing.

That would be nice for unverified wallets but Bots can misuse it.

It IS new for verified wallets. Gemini gets a claim button now and they might bring it for Uphold verified Rewards too- https://www.reddit.com/r/brave_browser/comments/tabxln/this_month_i_had_to_claim_my_rewards_to_receive/i000yqj/


I have Developer mode active on all my devices, cliam works everytime. Don’t think it’s problem.

Did you try to run the SafetyNet test app? All your device have a green check?

Yes, a couple (phone and tablet) are rooted

Cause your browser was tied, sure. 2 option then: wait for the day to claim your rewards or backup your local folder before uninstall.

I understand for unverified wallets, but I don’t like it for verified ones.