Why Is the Brave Creator Rewards Still Showing Payout In Progress

can Anyone tell me why is brave creators showing Payout In Progress it is showing me that message since yesterday but I have Still Not received The Payout

Check the payout status. This post is updated every month. You can follow the status in there
In the case of September was not even yet updated. This is very likely due to them being busy with another issue regarding rewards payouts.

We’ve just updated the Creator Payout post.
Apologies for the confusion :sweat_smile:

Is it 3 days late again, or did you just forget to remove this text?

Both, perhaps. Issue is they are saying payouts are actually around the 13th of each month and finish by around the 16th. Just like how Rewards work, it’s not guaranteed you’ll get paid “the day of.”

Things have been shifting. Originally Rewards payment occurred around the 5th of each month, but now starts processing around the 8th of each month

Creators used to process around the 8th and now is happening around the 13th.

This all happened as they added Gemini and had a significant increase in Users. It started taking longer for their systems to process and payments to arrive to exchanges. They need to update the FAQ in regards to this.

my brave creators rewards is showing payout in progress for 14 days what to do

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