Why is SaltyBanana closing topics prior to 30 days after the last reply?

Or, why is SaltyBanana closing topics prior to 30 days after the last reply?

Probably because they didn’t adhere to the posting guidelines:

Please repost to reflect the template and guidelines and we’d be more than happy to assist you.

Guidelines - Before posting, please:

  • Search the forum to see if anyone else has already posted or resolved the issue you came to ask about.
  • Fill out the template that appears in your editor when posting as it contains all the boiler-plate information surrounding your issue. It will help the Support team members and other Community members to efficiently assess and resolve your issue.
  • Provide essential info such as your version number and OS, to help Support and other Community members resolve your issue.
  • Ensure that you’re posting in the appropriate category
  • Tag your post appropriately – note that some tags are restricted to or from specific categories.
  • Observe and adhere to our code of conduct

Moderators and Brave Staff have the extremely annoying habit of closing threads to prevent people from confirming their issues were fixed.

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U can press “solution” on mod reply and everything is clear for you and for others people that your problem has been fixed

You can’t do that in closed threads. I know it because I tried.

I find it annoying when people try to be smart-alecky and don’t address the question. Take a look at this one (which isn’t mine) and explain how you apply your non-answer to it.

I think everyone here needs to slow their roll a bit.

@LenC My answer was an honest one – we go through so many threads every day that the time it takes to ask users the same questions they could have answered if they would have filled out the template in the editor initially adds up very quickly, yet it still happens all the time. So that was the most likely answer in earnest – apologies for the confusion.

This is what a “smart-alecky” answer looks like

:point_up: And I too do not appreciate it at all.

And to answer your question again, in earnest, I’m not sure why the thread was closed – I will ask them about it and in the meantime the thread has been re-opened.

Thanks for the information. I am curious, though, what harm it does to leave a thread open and let the system close it 30 days after the last reply. Even if it’s somewhat of a duplicate thread, what’s the harm? Apparently, SOMEONE thinks that’s the thread to go to for answers. Are you running out of storage space?

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