Why is my reward not shown in the wallet? I received a reward but it is not displayed in the wallet.


Hi, Are you still having a problem?

You may already know this by now…

The top picture is the Brave Rewards wallet and it appears to be unverified. For unverified Brave Rewards, go to brave://rewards and there should be a claim rewards button available for you to claim your rewards.

The second picture is the Brave Wallet. It is totally separate from Brave Rewards. You cannot deposit your Brave Rewards BAT directly into the Brave Wallet at this time. You would have to verify your Brave Rewards wallet with a custodian (currently Gemini or Uphold) then transfer BAT from the custodial account to your Brave Wallet. The transaction fees to do this are steep.

Here is a Help Center topic that may help clarify any questions. Brave Wallet FAQ

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