Why is my microphone setting "removed" when I close Private windows?

This – what’s in the dark gray box with the white text – appears to be a message from Google Voice – or is it from Brave?

Either way, I don’t understand why custom microphone settings get removed from Private windows.
Isn’t it only the content of tabs in Private windows that isn’t preserved when those windows are closed?


Private windows remove cookies upon exit. The purpose of Private is to erase all local evidence of you ever using the browser. If you have things like a cookie or setting to allow for microphone on Google, then you’re revealing to whoever comes after that you were on Google.

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@Saoiray Thanks, I think there should be user options for things like that.

It’s one thing to want browser history, cookies, etc. to be ‘private’ but I wouldn’t be concerned about someone knowing I use Google Voice. It’s an app, not a website.

The main issue for me is that I keep experiencing intermittent issues with GV and haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing them.

When I have GV working right and then lose the settings (because I was in a Private window), I never know whether it’s going to work when I try to use it next. Often, the answer is no.

If I use GV in a regular window (to avoid that happening) I lose the extra layer of privacy that Private windows provide.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this — as @Saoiray stated, this is the way Private windows function. Anything set up in them during your browsing session will not be maintained once the window is closed.

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