Why is my iMac restarting almost every night?

For a few weeks now when I check my iMac in the morning it tells me Brave has shut down incorrectly, and asks if I want to restore the previous open windows? My husband told me that last night he noticed my computer was NOT asleep. How can I find out what is going on?

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Not usually a Brave Browser problem. The message that BB supplies, is a result of the browser being stumped by the mysterious restart.

But . . . if you have somehow set your iMac to Sleep after some time, then it is a good idea to Quit Brave Browser a the end of your day with the iMac. (And maybe Quit some other applications, too.) (I know of one instance, where a Mac would freeze up, if either, [after] Sleep activation, or [after] ScreenSaver activation . . . and Brave Browser was still running, as those events occurred.)

Lots of tips online - use your choice of a search engine - and keywords:

“imac mysteriously restarting every night”

But the short of all that, might be:

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