Why is it generating a new wallet?

Seeing the green emblem on the browser bar, I clicked it to install the update. Upon reopening, there was a red “1” button on the BAT symbol in the URL bar. I click it and this is spinning. It’s been spinning for close to an hour now with no end in sight. But I have a Brave wallet, I’ve had one since September of last year, but now it’s not connecting or finding it. Additionally, the May pending balance of BAT has vanished.

Not sure if anyone else is seeing this issue, perhaps I’m alone, but I am confused and sorta worried my May BAT has vanished. Any insight from anyone regarding the endless “creating wallet spin” and the case of the missing May pending balance? Thank you for the help.

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Same problem here in my pc

Same problem here. I havn’t seen any rewards more than 6 months. Just spinning forever.

Hi @kris.mcallan - we’ve just released a new version for iOS. When you have a moment can you update and let me know if the issue continues?

Good morning @steeven. Confirmed for the latest version. And now I’ve even uninstalled/reinstalled Brave and the issue persists. Solutions?

Additionally, what happened to the pending May BAT?

That’s a shame. Does the infinite spinning attempt at wallet generation have any impact on your BAT, such as receiving it at months end?

Thanks @kris.mcallan. Can you open the Brave Rewards Panel, turn off brave rewards, and then toggle back on?


I tried that, but it didn’t change anything. The “wallet creation” was just jamming everything up like a skipping CD and it would continue no matter if the Brave Rewards was toggled off then on again.

What I ended up doing as a “solution” was to uninstall Brave and totally delete the associated folders/data from my library completely and reinstall Brave. Then, I used the restore phrase key. I lost about an 1/7th of the “estimated pending BAT” for May, though, unsure what the deal is there and that’s frustrating. That said, everything looks back to normal, fingers crossed how payout for the month actually goes.

Thanks for the additional info @kris.mcallan. When you have a moment, please DM me your rewards internals. Thank you!

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