Why is Google the default search engine in Brave?


For all that Brave is doing and trying to do, surely this is counter to that.

[This is feedback, not exactly a bug report so I did away with the template. Hope that’s OK.]


Hi @jcloud,

Brave is exploring ways to handle this. The easy approach AFAIK is Brave will have search engine option on the welcome tour. This will let user to choose their preferred search engine.

And the other is like partnering with search engine, like what Brave do with Qwant (Brave default search engine for French amd Germany).

For now, user also able to change it via Settings. :slightly_smiling_face:



I like the welcome tour thing, but many people just skip through that. (If you provide a skip option, which I assume you would.) So, the better option would be partnering. Maybe you could do that with DuckDuckGo. I mean, Brave and DuckDuckGo are already both on the PrivacyHeroes.io page. It makes sense :smile:


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