Why is Croatia not supported

Please Admins tell me why Croatia (Hrvatska) is not supported in Brave when I try to connect to Uphold. It is now available in Uphold as a region of EU / Schengen / EURO area and I just opened account in Uphold (before New Year it was not available; 1st January 2023 Croatia entered EURO area).

Could you please check and update Brave so I can connect to my Uphold? Thanks.


Originally, due to Important: Uphold no longer supporting countries in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Balkans region

I do see what you’re mentioning that it’s no longer listed at https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026786712-Non-Supported-Geographies-

I’m guessing Uphold just hasn’t contacted Brave on changes and allowed for connections. Guess might be good to tag @steeven and @chriscat to see if they can look into it a bit more.

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Croatia is actually on the shortlist of countries we expect to bring back next. Just awaiting some discussions with Uphold. Will keep you updated, but Croatia (and some other countries) are next up.

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@chriscat Is it Romania in that shortlist? I’m in the same situation and I do have a validated uphold account.

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