Why is Brave have so many issues

Geesh had this for 4 days trying to set up. I’m on a Windows 10 PC. First it won’t let me sign in to my Plex app. When I click Sign In to Plex it pops up a black blank window with just an X where to close the pop up. Plex works fine on Chrome & Edge just not on Brave. Have read your community post on the issue but can’t even find a Poper Blocker setting in Plex like someone on that issue thread suggested.

In trying to fix that i8ssue I try to update Brave the update I got from your website. But in middle of trying to install it crashes & says this message “The installer encountered Error 112”. If this keeps up I’ll just uninstall & move back to Chrome which is sad as I like some of Brave’s features but not worth it if so much hassle to get an app to work or your update installs to work

Most of problems with Brave are that they use a cracked Windows. First of all, make sure you are using a genuine Windows license and that it is fully up-to-date. I had a similar problem and I solved it by formatting and installing Windows 10 64 and then Brave. from that moment my pc worked without any problem and managed to eliminate many crashes and freezes that gave me so many headaches

Thanks for posting @cturner943. What Brave version are you currently on? Windows 10? Is it the Plex extension?


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