Why is Brave getting crappy?

So lately I’ve been having ads bypass on nhentai, Facebook, YouTube, 9anime, Wall Street Journal, and various other sites. Not only as pop-ups but as plain as day ads on the page.

Then to add to it, I’ve hardly been earning any BAT at all compared to what I used to get for ads. We’re not just talking how BAT is worst a lot less USD than it used to be, but I’m also referring to far less BAT being provided by ads. I mean, from 17-26 BAT a month to suddenly 1-3 BAT monthly, if I get paid.

It’ll sometimes show things like 10 BAT estimated rewards but then I never get it.

What am I missing here?

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it’s happening to me too i have 80 BAT still there is no deposit. I contacted the admins still no reply.

I’m getting one BAT a month. :thinking:

I’ve had zero ads since Dec 19th, and this latest version didn’t help anything. You shouldn’t need to turn off aggressive adblocking on youtube. In the US I never saw a reduction in estimated compared to what I was able to claim.

Yeah, I’m waiting to see what happened. I wanted to do screenshots but they aren’t letting me upload. But I was getting 8-17 BAT monthly and then starting in October I suddenly started getting only 2-5 BAT.

My estimated would always be higher, like on 12/28/20 I did a screenshot showing I had 375 ads received with 10.100 pending. But if they do like have been in prior months, I’m only going to get like 2.8 BAT on the 6th and then maybe another 1.2 shortly after, for a total of 4.

My current Uphold is only 9.495 BAT, which is everything I’ve earned since I emptied account of 26.41 BAT on September 22.

I’m starting to think that after grants, paid referrals, plenty of BATs and so on, the party is over and Brave is not paying anymore.