Why is Brave based on Chromium?

Hello. As a disclaimer, please forgive this ignorant newbie. I’m not a programmer or privacy expert; I’m just Joe User.

Why is Brave based on Chromium? Isn’t Chromium’s biggest backer Google? To me, part of the appeal of Brave is to reduce involvement with big tech; I generally seek to minimize my exposure to Google. That’s why Chromium freaks me out a bit.

I admit, I don’t even know what bothers me. My general (and perhaps ignorant) impression is: Google = bad. Chromium = Google. Therfore, Chromium = bad.

Any insight will be duly appreciated.

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The following article may help answer your question.


In a nutshell, Brave is based on a “de-googlized” Chromium: the lines of code that connect to Google’s servers or use Google’s services are removed before adding Brave’s features.


That’s helpful, gmacar, thank you.

@Nicholas you’re welcome.