Why is Brave advertising Ledger after it leaked customers personal info to hackers?

Scrolling through my Brave Today feed, under Companion Products I see an ad for Ledger Nano X. Why is Brave promoting this product when the Ledger company has shown itself to be utterly incapable of protecting users?

For those who are unaware, Ledger suffered a very-preventable database hack in mid-2020, including (in many cases) cell numbers and even home addresses. Much of this data should never have been retained in the first place. As a result, not only have people been hit with phishing e-mails, but also SIM swaps, theft of cryptocurrency and, in some instances, e-mails and phone calls threatening physical attacks.

Repeatedly Ledger has downplayed the hack, delayed notifying users that they were affected, and have REFUSED to refund customers or help them. The CEO even said people shouldn’t worry about being physically attacked since it would be very hard and unlikely for a hackers to actually do that! Then, more recently, it was announced that there was an additional breach of Ledger customers involving Shopify.

Ledger markets itself as a security company yet left hundreds of thousands of people open to an irreparable security weak point: publicly marking them as people who own cryptocurrency. Worse, they have refused to help us. Meanwhile, some have chosen to change e-mails, change phone numbers, and even physically relocate due to safety concerns.

Brave is a privacy-focused company, and should not continue to advertise for Ledger, which has now definitely proven that it is no such thing. Banish Ledger from all Brave advertising!


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