Why is 1Password Mini browser extension a 2-step process?

When I am on a website that has a login, there is a 1Password icon, which when I click on it, it shows another 1Password icon (see first screenshot), and requires I hold down Shift-Command-X, to merely open ANOTHER (bigger) icon of 1Password (see nextScreen Shot 2020-02-14 at 9.03.47 AM

screenshot), where I can type in my master password. I cannot figure out the need for the Shift-Command-X step in this process. At that point, it is just easier for me to open my desktop version of 1Password, it is only one step.

Hi @frose,
I hear what you’re saying about 1Pass. Unfortunately this does not sound like a Brave issue. This is an issue with the 1Pass extension. If you’d like, you can take it up with the 1Pass support.

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