Why i'm seeing very less ads even after select 5 ads per hour

Hey all,
Brave is my main browser before i used to get 5ads per hour and get rewards about $8 a month. now i hardly see any ads and my rewards is like $1-2 a month.

This is not cool :frowning:

Version 1.18.70 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (x86_64)
MacOS High Sierra

They payout and frequency of Ads depend on many factors:

  • Region the user is located in
    • How many campaigns are active/running in that region?
  • BAT Market price
  • How many ads the user has seen (have the maxed out for the day?)?
  • Are there any ad campaigns running in the users region that are also relevant to the user (if the ad is not relevant based on your browsing habits, it’s not served)

These among many other factors play a part here. Additionally, I would not that the setting you’re referring to is not “how many ads you will see per hour”, it’s “What is the maximum number of Ads Brave can show you in an hour?” – meaning that you will not necessarily see exactly 5 every hour. More information on this can be found here:



Thanks for the information

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