Why i'm losing My bats?

My bats was 5.34 and now are 4.81 and this still happening, help pls.

I don’t know how this is happening.

I’m using Brave Mobile ver. 1.24.86 un redmi note 8 Xiaomi.

I don’t have verified My wallet

You get X per ad, but if BAT price goes up, then you get less BAT per ad, If the price of BAT goes down, then you get more BAT. It’s all about how much BAT is worth. That said, if you notice the price is the same at the end of the month as it was when you noticed the day before it your bat was lowered like muine was. Then they messed up, and you will never get it fixed. I’ve been trying to 2 months, and they have ignored my DMs. Good luck or just get used to things always breaking and being screwy month after month.

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