Why I stopped using Brave


Hi there!

I stumbled upon the Browser and the BAT token a week ago and I really like the concept. As a heavy google user (gmail, chrome, etc…) I was not sure if I could be convinced to use Brave. I was impressed at first but a few minor things keep me from using it further at this moment.

This should not be a bug report, just some feedback from someone who likes to see this project prosper.

  • can’t open gmail after 2 days (cookies)
  • can’t use keepass extension
  • can’t use cloudy calculator
  • when I want to look up something that I read it, I mark it, press ctrl + c, ctrl +t for a new tab and then paste it. Opening a new empty tab with brave however takes too much time and need to wait before pasting or typing
  • couldn’t silence a tab for some reason (first time worked smoothly)
  • adblocker plus extension seems to filter more ads e.g. for duckduckgo

Thank you for the good work and I will definitely try the browser again in a few months.


Just a reminder that you don’t need ad blocking extensions when using Brave.

Due to Brave being a fairly early beta—0.19.131 was just released a few hours ago—it probably shouldn’t be anyone’s full-time browser just yet.

I’m probably in a little better shape than many because I use 1Password, which has been working great most of the time within Brave.

Even though I don’t use Brave full-time, I use it some everyday and keep up with its releases because it brings so much in terms of new features.

It didn’t long to have blocked a lot of ads and trackers; I’m also surprised how many sites aren’t running HTTPS and must be “upgraded” by Brave.

Check out the bug fixes to see if they address some of the issues you’ve been having:


Plus they don’t keep extensions up to date. I got tired of waiting for an update on bitwarden (Bitwarden extension update please!) and uninstalled brave browser.
Really disappointing.


I suspect these issues will get worked out as we get closer to release of a 1.0–as good as Brave is, it’s still a relatively early beta.


Is there any estimate about when we might expect 1.0 to come?


No, but this post by CEO Brendan Eich may be helpful, as he mentions June as a milestone for getting a bunch on important bugs fixed.


I think this thread is important, but reading through some of the comments, it’s clear that some don’t understand security and the hostility of google and that their privacy is under attack when using google-anything::>

If google doesn’t work under brave, it’s because brave refuses to give up your personal data, which is googles entire mission. Your data isn’t anonymous, despite what google says. When they have enough tiny bits of seemingly innocent data, they know exactly who you are and have the potential to extract anything from your computer. This is done by allowing google to run javascript, which is active content. You don’t know what they do in your computer and if you block active content, almost nothing works due to hostile websites greed to extract personal info from your computer.

Here’s why I don’t use brave.

I can’t figure out how to display the menu.

The shortcut or hotkey to place a bookmark doesn’t seem to be present in brave.
Brave will not allow me to open multiple pages when I start it-these are the sites that I most often use.

The help system needs a lot of enhancement.

Brave does nothing to publicize or educate the average user regarding the danger to their privacy regarding the running of active content by websites.

If I use the payment system and make my personal information available to websites voluntarily, how do I have any assurance that they won’t extract other information using javascript? The contents of the javascript file that each website activates on the users computer needs to be open and available to the user so that they can make an informed decision whether to use the website or to pass completely.

Make no mistake, I understand brave is in development and I applaud its existence and thank all who administer and write code for it…as well as those who run this forum. I’d make brave my default browser tomorrow if it was just a little more user friendly and slightly more functional (as in feature rich).

For Windows and Mac users, the operating system and the fact that the programs are not open source is by far the largest security and privacy danger. For Linux users such as myself, the largest threat by far is the browser. In Linux, software is usually open source, the entire operating system is open source! The os and the software only does what the user thinks it should do without any ‘surprises’ (hidden dangers).

I look forward to the day when all computers are secure and private. Brave is a big step in this direction!



Same thing here. Really liked the idea, installed everything, but as long as I can’t login to gmail - no ways - sorry!

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