Why i never receive BAT?

I never receive BAT as my reward 115.00 was designated on my account for month of september, i never receive any single BAT since march

Can you please send me the email associated with your Creators account in a DM and I can take a look at what may be going on my end?

@Mattches I think @Divine88 is not asking as publisher. But regarding a message “you’ve designated x BAT”.

@Divine88 that message appears when publisher site/channel on your Auto-contribute list is not yet verified.

I still never receive bat

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It shown on my account that i am verified since 3/05/2019 but still i never receive bat, thanks for response

Take a look, the publisher or creator verified my account, i am wondering why? when i was trying to claim the reward it always shown nothing just 0.00bat then when i open my laptop it shown there was a problem processing my contribution

Your topic is same with this, and it is answered here:

In your last photo from your Android device is looks like a bug. It is still discussing at this topic: I can't recieve the gift

Thank you i will do it, remove the unverified site