Why I need to have Brave Rewards enable to use Brave Talk?

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Why I need to have Brave Rewards enable to use Brave Talk?
I don’t use Brave Rewards, but i use sponsored images as background because I like them (some of them are really beautiful) and, to support Brave, I normally click on the sponsored images. Is my way to support Brave.

I know that Brave Talk uses Jitsi, but I can’t find any reason to have Brave Rewards enable to use Brave Talk.

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Not sure on why rewards are needed to be enabled, I also do not use brave talk, however, you can change the ads to 0 per hour if you do not want to see the ads at least?

Yeah true. Functions inside brave/bat ecosystem need to be focused also on those who do not want to partake in bat crypto thing.
Many users use brave for privacy, may some for tor, some for chromium, some for ad-blocking, some for ipfs. These users should not be excluded from basic features.

In principle I think what you’re saying would be great, and for the most part I think users who don’t want to participate can opt-out fairly easily.

In more practical terms, the rest of the mainstream browser market is such a sh(t show that I personally turn ads ON because Brave Software has to make money somehow. That’s the only way they will be able to stay afloat, remain competitive, and actually deliver the rest of the featureset (all the things you mentioned, in a single package) users are looking for.



I know that they need to make money so that we can actually use a browser. But, I think the freemium model will be useful in Brave ecosystem as the Brave ecosystem begins from a free browser. Freemium model being where the premium users support the free users.

Like if there is cloud service provider who is giving free 5 GB for sign up for free users. The company can give it free because the premium users who need more than 5 GB are paying and supporting the free guys.

So, brave talk freemium model can be like:- you can make 10 free talks/meetings with as many people you like but if you want more than 10 calls, then it is only available for Brave rewards users. Or like after 10 calls you can only do 1:1 . (something like that)

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I know that Brave needs to make money and I have no problem to make a donation (let say 50 to 100 USD) to have access to some features. I use Brave for privacy and because Brave browser is open source. The features that Brave has and I am interested are:

  • Brave Ad Block built-in;

  • Brave search (is my default search engine);

  • IPFS (for testing purposes at this moment);

  • Private Window with Tor for just a few things. When I really want to use Tor network I use Tor Browser.

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