Why I haven't made a wallet account

I didn’t make a rewards wallet account with Uphold because they ask for a SSN. The SSN is between the IRS and you, and giving out the number to any other third party is not only a security problem issue but also a bad precedent.

I didn’t make a wallet account with Gemini because they ask for a mobile phone number. Why do they want it? So they can know exactly who you are. The large point of crypto wallets is to get OUT from under central control systems in favor of free, open, distributed systems, and anonymity is a crucial aspect for that.

When you offer a free and clear wallet, for use by the alternate free economy, I will sign up and participate in the Ads reward system.

Blame the government rules & regulations regarding the brave rewards system. They want it, not Brave. Government wants it to make sure you pay the taxes on that as well.

Then those systems positioned themselves in such a way as to be vulnerable to government. We need systems that are not, and nothing less. If government has its way, we’ll shortly be using CBDC and be in utter slavery.