Why I don't run a BETA build

I used to run a desktop BETA build. I deleted that install, now only run released versions of Brave on Win10 & Android.

Issues for me:

  • BAT tokens have little/no chance of being synced to Uphold since a BETA version is by definition temporary, & one has to wait an undefined amt of time before having enough BAT to sync to Uphold.
  • I found no real problems with BETA (on Win10). Everything I tried worked.
  • I was running a released version of Brave on my phone, & found that bookmarks were not synced between beta Brave on Win10 & Android Brave. Not sure if running beta Brave on Droid would make a difference here, but I prefer to run released versions to ensure my double-Brave environment functions.
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Someone’s had a bad day!!

Brave is actively looking for new BETA users, with a message that keeps popping up on this site.
Am telling Brave why I am not part of their BETA program.

What you think about that is completely irrelevant to me.

Those reasons mean nothing. Beta is for testing and you are completely missing the point @rhubear . It will have problems and bugs. You shouldn’t expect them to not pop-up. You’re supposed to find these bugs and report them to devs via feedback. You’re listing out reasons why you don’t use beta builds. But in actuality, these bugs are the reason why you definitely SHOULD run a beta build. So that devs will find issues faster, and people on stable builds wont have to face these in the future. If you cant handle a few bugs here and there, then beta aint for you.

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