Why i dont earn any BAT altough i use Brave more then 1 year?

I just earn 36 BAT totally in 1.3 years. I confirmed all my social media accounts too. I dont know the reason

Did you asking as publisher/creator (creators.brave.com) or as a browser user?

This one indicated that you asking as a creator.

In short, becoming Brave Verified Publisher/Creator (BVP) doesn’t guarantee you’ll receive BAT every month.

By becoming BVP, mean you allow Brave users to tip and/or include your channel on their auto-contribute list.

If your channel is not on their list, then you’ll not get BAT.

Hi. I am a browser user but my social media account is mentioned too, but they are not so active accounts. i use this whole day? What is advantage for me?

Then, did you opt-in to Brave Ads?

Brave Ads is the only way for users to earn BAT. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/sections/360004119132-Brave-Ads

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