Why I can't see any adds and any downloads

Hello guys, I joined to brave browser and brave creators yesterday.
I am from UK, London.

so far I didn’t see any adds in the last 24h !!! also y did refer 2 links already (2 different people) and on my dashboard I can’t see my 2 downloads to!!! I am aware that it takes 30 days to “confirm” your tokens, but my questions are?

1- why I can not see my 2 download referrals? how long does it take to see your downloads?
2- why I can not see any adds here in the uk?

please guys, let me know if I need to do something in order to get the rewards or if I need to enable any button.
My add button on the brave rewards is enables, is active just to let you know. @Mattches


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We have a couple FAQs you should reference first and see if it covers your issue:

As for your referral metrics – I believe that you have to allow 24-48 hours for any changes to these metrics to propagate.

thank you very much for your help and responses

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