Why i cant get my all earnings?

It’s a fake screenshoot

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Keep a sense of humor and a positive outlook. You could be like me and go from Nov 2020 till now with a device limit error. View 10’s of thousands of ads for free, (that Brave collected viewership credits for?)

Only to have a few devices finally unblocked but screwed out of a shizz ton of BATs with the mysterious Flag on my main device. (How ironic right?)

I was so happy to see the device limit fixed, then kicked in my balls when I was flagged.

I posted this from Mozilla… Lmao

See my prev post here also. Brave has no sense of humor i guess. Even tho they have become the joke.

Wait a long for the limit removal, now I wait a bit more to see how the system treat user with several browsers. Never been a 1day buyer.

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Thank you for writing this.

That’s exactly what I think too.

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It happened to me too, the browser shows that I won more than 11 BAT, and now it says that I will receive 0.205 BAT. What solution will you give to this?


Its edited using Photoshop

Lies! We know you’re a hacker!!! :supervillain:


nahh i m not saying u are hacker… i m saying be aware of hackers mean. u have posted the pic of your bat earning so if a hacker sees can hack your device or account… and i just only say in sarcasm way in a joke… Well if its edited then no prob

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yeah it can be a possibility

I have the same issue - most of my rewards are not released for the past 3 months and the amount blocked keeps on growing with each month. this happens on multiple devices. is there an ETA for the fix?

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De acuerdo, pero la pregunta es si en caso de tenerlo resuelto en breve, como parece desprenderse de tus palabras, los BATs se van a abonar instantaneamente o vais a ganar otro mes màs debido a las fechas de abono, porque creo que como gesto debierais hacer los pagos instantaneos, ya que veis que hay gente que lleva en esta situacion varios meses.

hi mattches one mnth have passes i have not recieved a single ads

Get plenty of ads, get less than one BAT…

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Been happening to me for months now. I get a ton of bat for a month but it doesn’t even send near half of what I earned for the month. It’s very shitty.

Where do you find the Rewards data? Every time I’ve tried to turn it on I get an error message and I never looks like any of those screens below I’ve been using this app on and off for 3 years and haven’t been able to collect any BAT and when I’ve messaged customer service I get no responses. Can someone advise me?

How and where did you message? If you mean posting Topics on this forum, I did see where you posted twice…both in October. The one here likely didn’t get answered because you didn’t fill out any of the information requested. If you click the link, you’ll see where the form was there asking questions and you left it there, but with no info.

Then your newest one here wasn’t labeled properly (you notice how the Topic here shows Brave Rewards, Rewards Support, etc? Then you’ll notice yours had nothing). And, just like the other one, you provided absolutely no information for people to help.

Topics aren’t guaranteed to get responses from Brave. They try to skim through and answer but the guaranteed way has always been to create a Support Ticket. In the past, they would ask you to DM certain people with all of your information. Now, it’s been simplified and official tickets are created and picked up by whoever is available…in the order they receive them. You create a Support Ticket by completing this form

Well, kind of need some information. Such as:

  • What error are you getting?
  • What are you turning on when you get an error message?
  • What region are you in?
  • What version of Brave are you using?
  • What device(s) are you using Brave on?

Depends which “data” you’re referencing, but there’s a few methods.

  • Type brave://rewards/ in your URL/Search bar on top.
  • Click the hamburger menu for Brave and then choose Brave Rewards. It will pull up the same menu as if you copy/paste the thing I mentioned above
  • On your Search/URL bar, you’ll see a purple triangle. Clicking/tapping it will show you some basic information. (It’s also where the option to Tip is located, if you wanted to tip a Creator)

Then there’s more detailed information, which you generally shouldn’t share publicly as it has some sensitive information, but there’s also brave://rewards-internals which has a lot of tabs which contain information used by Brave. Such as the Payment ID that they will be requesting you provide to them if you ever have issues receiving payment.

No idea what’s going on. One of the things I’d really suggest is that you go through the FAQ I wrote a while back. It will walk you through some of the basics to an extent and mentions things that can prevent you from seeing ads or earning BAT.

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Enough is enough. I’m not viewing any more adds until all the BAT rewards I earned in the previous months have been sent to my Uphold or Gemini account. At the pace they are being distributed, it looks like that means I’ll NEVER click on another add.


how did you earn like 17 bats? In one month

It’s hard but totally possible, specially if he’s on an campaign-rich region and it’s a fresh device.

But I believe there should be some rolled over amount from previous months among it.